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Whether you operate in retail, hospitality, or any other sector, WRS Systems has the perfect Epos product to boost your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Browse through some examples below, or book a demo to discuss your needs.

Self-service kiosks at an itsu restaurant

Self-Service Kiosks

Customers are becoming more comfortable with using digital interfaces for various tasks, including ordering food.

Self-service kiosks offer a win-win situation for both customers and clients by providing a more efficient, fast, convenient and personalised ordering experience.

They can be customised with different screen sizes and be free-standing, countertop or wall-mounted.

Benefits Of Using Self-Service Kiosks

Your customers benefit from a more efficient, convenient and personalised ordering experience.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Kiosks can suggest add-ons, promotions and complementary items to customers during the ordering process. It can lead to increased sales and higher average transaction values.


Kiosks can be easily updated to reflect menu changes. On kiosks, special promotions, happy hours or seasonal offerings (Halloween/Christmas) can be added.

Quicker Throughput

With kiosks, customers can place their orders without waiting in line – at their own pace. It reduces congestion at the counter during peak hours, resulting in faster service and shorter wait times.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Kiosks allow customers to place orders and customise their meals at their own pace, with no pressure. It creates a more personalised ordering experience.

Selfservice Kiosk at Thunderbird Chicken
Oxhoo Evoq 1 on a white background

Oxhoo EVOQ

The EVOQ is a terminal in line with your ambitions for your point of sale.

Infinitely innovative, the EVOQ offers you unrivalled comfort. Design and performance, intel Kaby Lake processors and simplified connections (USB Type C and Fedp ports) will allow you to quickly integrate into all types of environments.

Versatile, it will adapt to your point of sale, thanks to its ultra-compact, removable and deportable central unit.

Oxhoo Onix 1 on a white background

Oxhoo ONIX

An ultra-thin, 15.1” multi-touch capacitive touch screen makes the ONIX a powerful and complete terminal accessible to all.

Thanks to its standing or mast configuration, the ONIX adapts to the most challenging environments.

Oxhoo MOOV 1on a white background

Oxhoo MOOV

The Oxhoo MOOV is a Hybrid Epos Terminal / Tablet with WiFi. It can be used in stand, as well as lifted out for mobile use, with an intuitive grip.

In mobile use, it gives you the opportunity to pick up the screen and accompany your customers in the store or simply bring them back to your home to finalise your day.

The MOOV is a solution that will be your best ally.

Surface PRO on a white background

Surface Go

Surface Go gives you the tablet flexibility you want and the laptop performance and battery life you need to move through your day — all in one ultra-portable device.

You can get your perfect viewing angle with the adjustable built-in kickstand.

Oxhoo Scanners

The Oxhoo BC261 is an omnidirectional barcode scanner, ideal to use on a desk or hard surface.

With its Imager barcode reader, the Oxhoo BC261 will scan 1D and 2D barcodes. Alternatively, the Oxhoo Handheld scanner offers the same features, with increased user flexibility.

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