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Thompson’s Restaurant is a contemporary open kitchen restaurant in the heart of Newport Isle of Wight, offering a delicious modern British menu inspired by the flavors of the Island and Robert’s experiences.

Robert made contact with WRS at the very start of his new journey to ensure he was covered in all areas from stock taking, pricing, having a easy to use system, ability to manage and run open tables and split bills, which is all running on a stylist Aures Sango.

What Robert Thompson has to say about WRS Systems

Having worked in kitchens since I was 13 years old it was a natural progression and a childhood dream to open my own restaurant. That dream came true in August 2015 when Thompson’s in Town Lane, Newport opened its doors having being completely refurbished encompassing 40 seats, bar and a open kitchen.

The whole adventure would simply not have been possible without the amazing support from amazing family, friends, customers and suppliers. WRS were brilliant in understanding what was needed despite my (at that time) slightly stressed and tetchy manner! Their software and and support is second to none and it’s a real pleasure to work with them.

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